Ignacio “Notch” Gonzalez is a multifaceted artist with a knack for exotic escapism and speculative fiction. Designer, creator and imagineer, Notch uses brick and mortar as his blank canvass—as an opportunity for transformation, for conceptualizing a space that is a world unto itself. With each artistic buildout, he creates unique venues that transpose the ordinary, transport his audience and transcend expectation. Notch has been curating vivid experiences for over ten years showcasing his talent at many popular bar destinations such as Smuggler’s Cove and White Chapel in San Francisco; False Idol in San Diego; Thompson and Twain in Temecula; and Hale Pale in Portland to name a few.

In addition to interior design and décor, Notch is equally passionate about hot rod modification, classic restoration, tiki mug clay making, wood carving, prop design, and antique fabrication. No matter how large or small the project, his vision and creativity produce a thoughtful, intentional, and purposeful result that delights and captivates.